M&E system only can operate sustainably and economically when it is technically maintained  periodically.


NDT has provided maintenance service for M&E system to customers, including:

PRENVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Preventive maintenance is executed periodically, including cheking equipmens, potential failures will be discovered and adjusted to prevent damages. In fact, preventive maintenance process consists of the following steps: cleaning, lubrication, oil changing, repair, checking and change parts, repair partly or entirely.

Preventive maintenance does not only include periodic maintenance but we also keep control and maintenance document as well as know about the working life of each part to change correctly. These documents will help maintenance staff to predict suitable time to change parts and diagnos problems when happening.


CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE: After checking, maintenance team will analyse equipment failures and make corrective maintenance methods. All errors in report will be closely followed, solved and repaired.  Our concern to small details will help us to prevent risks at the lowest cost to Customers.