Economic development and environmental protection are urgent requirements of the whole society, in which the construction of wastewwater treatment plants plays the most important role. We have executed many wastewwater treatment projects with full performance: Design, building, operation and technology transfer, including:


  • – Dosmetic wastewwater treatment plant for residential area with capacity upto 20.000m3/day (equivalent to 10.000 people)
  • – Dosmetic wastewwater treatment plant for buildings, Trading center, Hotel, Restaurants…
  • – Wastewwater treatment plant for hospitals
  • – Wastewwater treatment plant for industrial zones
  • – Wastewwater treatment plant for Food and seafood processing factories, Breeding farms.
  • – Wastewwater treatment plant for industrial factory: Chemicals, Mechanical and Textiles…

Our wastewater treatment system is designed, constructed by enviromentally friendly advanced technology which operates easily with low cost, minimizes pollutants and always gets discharge standards as stated in the present regulations.


We supply the following services:

  • – Design
  • – Construction and Installation
  • – Operation, Training and Technology Transfer
  • – Maintenance Service
  • – Upgrade capacity and quality of old wastewater treatment systems.