Quality & Safety Policy

Quality Policy

High quality is the key of our success. To achieve and maintain best quality in all activities, NDT commits:

01. Keeping regularly trainingto staff for working skill and executing procedure. ISO 9001:2008 should be applied to all activities.

02. Strictly combine controls for: Quality, Schedule, Safety and hygiene working environment.

03. Regularly applies Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)
at the Company and at each Project. All activities must be reported, controlled and solved on time.

04.Central management and maximium mobilization of human and tool-machinery resoucres to finish Projects with Customer’s high satisfaction.

05. Set out specific responsibility to each staff and continuously training to ensure that they fulfill their assigments in the best way.

06. Ensure capital resources to continously invest  modern equipments for a good implementation of works.

07. Constantly improve and periodicaly assess to improve quality and productivity.

Health – Safety – Environment Policy (HSE)

Human resource is the most precious asset of NDT. Therefore, HSE policy is always placed  a priority in all production activities. NDT staffs must strictly comply compulsory HSE regulations as follows:

01. Labors shall be continously trained on compulsory Health – Safety – Environment regulations at all Projects, including:

  • Training for Workers before working on Site
  • Weekly training to maintain Worker’s acknowledge
  • Tool box meeting: 30 min/day before working.

02. Closely supervise Construction method in cooperation with HSE policy to ensure safety for NDT’s workers and machines as well as other parties.

03. Closely supervise complying HSE regulations on site. Do not permit the installation work without safety. Reward (or discipline) timely good employees (or violator)

04. The Company’s Safety Divison and Site Management Board shall update information, giving on time construction method to ensure absolute safety during the construction period.

05. NDT commits to ensure human and capital resources, comply the Laws as well as Customers’ other requirements for a good implementation of HSE regulations.


NDT has always paid close attention to: "People will remember you through what you do, not what you say." So, since its inception in 2007, Throughout many projects of international standard, NDT has been continuously developed and appreciated by domestic and foreign customers as a professional contractor, Electricity works.
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