Open letter


Dear Partners and Customers,

At NDT we have been always a strong believer in the saying:

“Customers remember you owing to things you’ve done, not
those you have said”.

Keeping in mind, we always prior and do our best at work. Since NDT was established in 2007, it has been continuously growing and developing. We have done many projects that meet the high quality demand of the world standard and satisfied our customers. Our customers rate NDT as a professional, highly responsible and highly reliable Contractor in Mechanical and Electrical Field.

Safety and Quality make our difference!

Knowing that the mechanical and electrical system greatly affects the modernity and comfortability of the building. With passion, we always work hard and show creativity in our work to provide realistic and cost – effective technical solutions to assure that each project is completed with absolute safety, high quality, timely execution, reasonable price and meet the customer’s satisfaction.

We are thankful for your collaboration by giving the best effort in our work.

Taking pride in the achievement, the collaboration with high responsibility of every employee, working with a will, we are confidently moving forward on our part towards creating a brighter future.

Thank you and look forward to collaborating with you.

Yours sincerely.

Chairman of NDT
Pham Manh Cuong


NDT has always paid close attention to: "People will remember you through what you do, not what you say." So, since its inception in 2007, Throughout many projects of international standard, NDT has been continuously developed and appreciated by domestic and foreign customers as a professional contractor, Electricity works.
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